Air Hockey – never lift your mallet

I had to go to the site which is about an hour from my place–I work from home–in order to take one picture. One picture! Sigh. Anywho, I asked the managers if they wanted some pictures taken. They needed pics of the arcades. 🙂 They have some really cool old school arcades there.





5 responses to “Air Hockey – never lift your mallet

  1. I haven’t been to an old school arcade for gronks. The one in your pictures here looks a bit more advanced than what I remember of old school. Do they have Frogger, Pengo, Mr Do, and Galaga hiding away in there somewhere?

  2. It’s bit younger than Frogger I’m afraid. I’ve only seen Frogger at Mana Bar here in Melbourne (It’s a bar with a bunch of consoles games). Frogger was the only one that cost $$. Jeez. A Frogger game board would be worth heaps nowadays.
    These games are probably 10-15 years old. Jurassic Park, SEGA Touring Car, Street Fighter something, Puzzle Bubble, Metal Slug (I love that game).

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